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What Your Pet Needs

Our pets are here for us when we need them, and in return they deserve the best we can provide. Nutrition, exercise, and proper grooming are all important pieces in a pet’s healthy life. As a leading Pet Supply Manufacturer, we carry a plethora of pet-friendly products and put all the pieces together for happy, healthy pets and their owners.

Standard Range

A healthy pet needs lots of attention and activity, just like a healthy human. Make sure your pet has the best Dog Beds available so he can lead a healthy lifestyle. This Dog Beds is our favorite, and has served us well over the years. We like the styling as well as the quality craftsmanship, and we think you will, to

Standard range 2.png

Please note the following:

  1. All dog beds/pillows are labelled, bar-coded and packaged

  2. The pillows are filled with carded and ball fibre

  3. The material pattern and colour may vary according to availability

  4. All dog beds/pillows are machine washable

  5. We are confident about the quality of our products

  6. Each product item is proudly manufactured at our factory

Black Dog
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